The bag, the accessory par excellence that describes you best.

Chiara Daverio is the lifestyle dedicated to you who notice the details that speak, even the smallest ones; who love to know the stories behind people, even those that sometimes leave a melancholic note in the air; to you who look at those who, without words, manage to tell their stories gently.


Creations that tell stories of elegance and life

Chiara Daverio takes the concepts of elegance and practicality to heart, elements present in her creations which, combined with a little irony, manage to make us feel like ourselves on every occasion.

Care and prestige of handmade bags

Our products are cared for down to the smallest detail. Each product is handmade, created from original and refined materials to guarantee compactness, lightness, softness and durability.

Naturally handmade

Bags that speak of tradition, the future and nature. A company committed to research and production of quality materials in harmony with the health of the environment.

Tell your story, choose your bag


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